Intro - Icosahedron Hydrogen Generator Fuel Systems Inc.

In this noble gas adventure, we utilize water and generate hydrogen fuel. Icosahedron is a platonic solid invented by a Greek genius, utilized to represent water. To incorporate this company it needed to be unique, awesome, memorable and at the same time acknowledge pure genius of multi-dimensional physics and the technlogy of God and corresponding secrets of the universe while rendering everything else obsolete.

Fuel generation can be done on demand as required. Although this quest and endeavour is technological in nature, with the use of custom materials and shape technology, multi-physics and meta-physics, greater efficiencies and scalability are enabled, while increasing the magnitude of safety and availability of fuel, which exists in water covering about 75% of the planet.

The complexities and risks of hydrogen fuel storage and handling are reduced to some degree, although there are constraints and operational parameters for water storage, and the corresponding provisions must be made, whether in aerospace, automotive, marine, machinery, equipment or other industrial process applications in accordance with their operating environment, mission, performance, vehicle and engine characteristics

Our vision here is equipping various engines with these fuel systems. Some engines can be modified, some engines are custom made, some engines may have various fuel and fuel system combinations and operate in multiple atmospheres.

Hydrogen is not a fossil fuel, when it burns it transforms back into water vapour and usually condenses into water.

Who would have known that combining two gases, the perfect liquid is created, water? Who could have known, that separating the hydrogen from the oxygen, the two gases could be combined and burned, basic combustion thermophysics.

Who could have known that when water contacts a certain material, hydrogen is produced, easily, efficiently, safely and quickly?

Who knew or could have known that someone working in an advanced projects facility in central Ontario would become aware of something so awesome, that once again, everything else would be obsolete?